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2019 FIA Formula 1 Season

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2019 FIA Formula 1 Season
Photo Credit: XPB Images.
Champion Constructor: Mercedes (DE,6,13)
Putative Constructor: Mercedes (DE)
Champion Driver: Lewis Hamilton (GB,6,6)
Putative Driver: Lewis Hamilton (GB)
Putative Constructor Entry Specification: Model F1 W10, 1.6-liter, six-cylinder vee EQ Power+, aluminum engine, DOHC, direct fuel injection, ERS-K, turbocharged, eight-speed automatic paddled, ventilated carbon ceramic disc brakes, carbon fibre/aluminum honeycomb monocoque, double wishbone-push/pull-rod independent suspension, power-assist steering, 760 horsepower (Aldo Costa, James Allison, Geoff Willis, Mike Elliott).

Mercedes simply sets the bar even higher during 2019 with its sixth consecutive Formula 1 constructors' title, utterly shattering all illusions that its competitors somehow closed the gap during offseason design and construction. Briton Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, despite his occasional troubles over the season, breezes away with the drivers' crown by impressively taking eleven crosses. Hamilton snares his third consecutive and sixth overall F1 title (one behind Michael Schumacher), and currently stands on 84 victories, only eight behind the great Schumacher.

HeM applies the Putative Model to all racing seasons for two primary purposes: First, to effectively normalize all racing seasons for empirical comparison across the decades, and second, to step clear of series organizers which score season championships primarily out of commercial interest or to attract manufacturer participation. The Putative Model simply scores all seasons in the same fashion as a standard track and field meeting, with the only purpose of tracking what takes place at the finishing stripe If the Putative Champion differs from the nominal Series Champion, please note the (SC) notation below.

Mercedes319     Hamilton, L190
Scuderia Ferrari177     Bottas140
Red Bull Honda121     Verstappen, M100
McLaren Renault17     Leclerc, C98
Toro Rossa Honda14     Vettel89
Renault9     Gasly18

Noteworthy 2019 Races

2019 XV Bahrain Grand Prix Manama, Bahrain2019 2019 XV Bahrain Grand Prix At Bahrain for the Grand Prix (308.5 kilometers) in March, the race comes to a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) in 1:34:21.3 (average 121.89 mph), under three seconds ahead of a companion Mercedes driven by Valtteri Bottas. Tyro Charles Leclerc, driving in his first season for Scuderia Ferrari, impresses all with a pole position, a brilliant start as well as pass to the front, and an excellent service cycle before Leclerc reports his entry dropping off the pace. Observers, excited about the fresh Leclerc, can only groan as Hamilton overtakes the slowing Frenchman with ten laps remaining and breezes to a fortunate victory. Photo Credit: Associated Press.
2019 LXXVII Grand Prix de Monaco Monte Carlo2019 2019 LXXVII Grand Prix de Monaco At Monaco for the Grand Prix (260.5 kilometers) in May, a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) takes race honors in 1:43:28.4 (average 93.78 mph), under three seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton and Max Verstappen of Red Bull battle through service with differing tire strategies and despite driving on arguably superior rubber, Verstappen fails at his final lunge and touch for the lead at the Nouvelle Chicane with only two laps remaining, allowing Hamilton to brilliantly escape with his third career cross in the principality. The stewards later demote Verstappen to fourth for an unsafe release in the service lane during the contest. Photo Credit: Motorsport Images.
2019 LVI Grand Prix du CanadaMontréal, Quebec2019 2019 LVI Grand Prix du CanadaAt Montréal for the Canadian Grand Prix (305.5 kilometers) in June, a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) takes the flag in 1:29:07.1 (average 125.84 mph), under four seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Sebastian Vettel. Vettel leads from the pole with Hamilton in hot pursuit until Lap 47 of 70, where an error by Vettel at Turn 4 forces him to leave the circuit. The return by Vettel across the grass and back onto the circuit chops off Hamilton, then attempting to dart past, and the resulting pinch drives Hamilton off the circuit for several meters before both resume racing. Observers howl and bicker over the incident as Vettel deftly holds off Hamilton by just over two seconds over the remaining distance, yet the stewards afterwards dock Vettel five seconds for an unsafe return, handing another victory gift to the star-kissed Hamilton. A petulant Vettel refuses to drive back to parc ferme until late in the cooldown period before defiantly switching the FIA first place finishing signage from the winning Mercedes to his own entry. Photo Credit: Z. Mauger.
2019 XXXIII Großer Preis von ÖsterreichSpielberg, Austria2019 2019 XXXIII Großer Preis von ÖsterreichAt the Red Bull Ring for the Austrian Grand Prix (306.5 kilometers) in June, an Austrian Red Bull RB15 Honda under Max Verstappen (NL) notches a victory in 1:22:01.8 (average 139.34 mph), under three seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Charles Leclerc. Verstappen moves out front after passing race leader Leclerc on the inside line of Turn 3 with less than three laps remaining. The Verstappen attack at the moment of truth leads both entries to tangle, which in turn drives Leclerc wide and well outside of circuit limits during the overtake, yet the stewards opt not to parse the incident, leaving Verstappen with a dramatic victory in the home race for his constructor. Photo Credit: Fox Sports.
2019 XXXV Magyar NagydíjMogyoród, Hungary2019 2019 XXXV Magyar NagydíjAt the Hungaroring for the Grand Prix (306.5 kilometers) in August, a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) bests the field in 1:35:03.8 (average 120.27 mph), under eighteen seconds ahead of a Red Bull driven by Max Verstappen. Mercedes, gambling over the protests of second-running Hamilton that his medium-soft rubber would outlast Verstappen and his wide margin lead, prove all correct after Hamilton scoots around the struggling Verstappen on extremely worn rubber with an outside pass at Turn 1 with only four laps remaining for a dramatic come from behind victory. Verstappen becomes the first Dutch driver to secure a pole position in series history. Photo Credit: Motorsport Images.
2019 United States Grand PrixAustin, Texas2019 2019 United States Grand PrixAt COTA for the U.S. Grand Prix (308.5 kilometers) in November, a German Mercedes W10 under Valtteri Bottas (FI) crosses first in 1:33:55.7 (average 122.45 mph), under five seconds ahead of a companion Mercedes driven by Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes splits its tire strategy with Bottas receiving the favored side, yet teammate Hamilton takes a game stab at stealing the affair with an impressive run on worn rubber. Deserving Bottas finally catches and passes Hamilton with only five laps remaining, while Hamilton deftly holds off Max Verstappen of AM Red Bull for second position to claim his boggling sixth Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship. Photo Credit: Kurt Bradley.
2019 Grande Prêmio Do BrasilSão Paulo, Brazil2019 2019 Grande Prêmio Do BrasilAt Interlagos for the Grand Prix (306 kilometers) in November, the race comes to an Austrian Red Bull RB15 under Max Verstappen (NL) in 1:33:14.68 (122.32 mph), under seven seconds ahead of a Toro Rosso driven by Pierre Gasly. Red Bull outwits Mercedes in the tire war over the closing miles and Max Verstappen of Red Bull seizes his opportunity after the final restart at Lap 60. Verstappen deftly pulls alongside race leader Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes at Turn 1 before riding the outside rail at Turn 2 and squirming his way past Hamilton before sprinting away for a dramatic race victory. Late race tangles between Ferrari racers Sebastien Vettel and Charles Leclerc (Lap 66 of 71) and Hamilton and Alexander Albon of Red Bull on the final circuit creates a thrilling finish as Pierre Gasly of Toro Rosso narrowly holds off Hamilton (later demoted in the results) for P2. Photo Credit: Attribution Not Available.