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2011 FIA Formula 1 Season

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2011 FIA Formula 1 Season
Photo Credit: Attribution Unascertained.
Champion Constructor: Red Bull Renault (AT,2,2)
Putative Constructor: Red Bull Renault (AT)
Champion Driver: Sebastian Vettel (DE,2,2)
Putative Driver: Sebastian Vettel (DE)
Putative Constructor Entry Specification: Model RB7, 2.39-liter, eight-cylinder vee, light alloy engine, DOHC, fuel injection, seven-speed semi-automatic paddled, ventilated carbon ceramic disc brakes, carbon fibre/carbon composite honeycomb monocoque, double wishbone-push/pullrod independent suspension, power-assist steering, 800 horsepower (Adrian Newey, Rob Marshall, Peter Prodromou).

The FIA goes bonkers in 2011 and unfurls an array of new regulations for the 2011 season, including a ban upon the successful rear double diffuser, the F-Duct, the use of off-throttle exhaust as a diffuser solution after July, and minor bodywork designs that enhance aerodynamic performance. The sanctioning body also approves the optional use of KERS after a one-year hiatus, allows the issuance of team orders with the exception of coded messages aimed to deceive in-race listeners, permits the use of enhanced engine mappings after July, and mandates a five-race duration for all gearboxes. The FIA also implements the Drag Reduction System (DRS) as compensation for the loss of the F-Duct solution, a moveable rear wing aimed at reducing drag and that only activates at designated portions on a given circuit for a pursuing entry running within one second of another preceding entry. After an early season filled with in-race collisions among the drivers, the sanctioning body in October clarifies its on-track racing protocol for passing by declaring that a lead driver contesting position against a close pursuer shall utilize only one blocking move to defend said position, and that the leading entry shall leave a one car-width margin for an attacking pursuer in a contested corner. Pirelli replaces Bridgestone as the official supplier for rubber in 2011 and a bit of early season controversy over excessive tire wear prompts the FIA to mandate camber limits for all teams as prescribed by Pirelli. Red Bull with its nonpareil Newey-conceived RB7 entry and pilot Sebastian Vettel (eleven victories) make mincemeat of the competition and easily storm away with the respective consecutive constructors' and drivers' titles for the second consecutive season. F1 makes its inaugural visit to New Delhi in October.

HeM applies the Putative Model to all racing seasons for two primary purposes: First, to effectively normalize all racing seasons for empirical comparison across the decades, and second, to step clear of series organizers which score season championships primarily out of commercial interest or to attract manufacturer participation. The Putative Model simply scores all seasons in the same fashion as a standard track and field meeting, with the only purpose of tracking what takes place at the finishing stripe If the Putative Champion differs from the nominal Series Champion, please note the (SC) notation below.

Red Bull Renault265     Vettel195
McLaren Mercedes183     Button102
Scuderia Ferrari106     Alonso89
Mercedes18     Webber M88
Lotus Renault12     Hamilton L81
Force India Mercedes3     Massa17

Noteworthy 2011 Races

2011 Shanghai Grand Prix Shanghai, China2011 2011 Shanghai Grand Prix At Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix (305.5 kilometers) in April, the race comes to a British McLaren MP4-26 Mercedes under Lewis Hamilton (GB) in 1:36:58.2 (average 117.29 mph), under six seconds ahead of a Red Bull driven by Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton, running on fresher rubber and taking advantage of a pit strategy error by Red Bull, moves out front after passing Vettel at Turn 7 with only four laps remaining. Photo Credit: Attribution Unascertained.
2011 LXIX Grand Prix de Monaco Monte Carlo2011 2011 LXIX Grand Prix de Monaco At Monaco for the Grand Prix (260.5 kilometers) in May, an Austrian Red Bull RB7 Renault under Sebastian Vettel (DE) takes race honors in 2:09:38.4 (average 74.92 mph), under two seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Fernando Alonso. Vettel moves out front on Lap 33 of 78 after electing not to stop during a caution condition, then catches the benefit of a red flag and the opportunity to take on new rubber with only six laps remaining to hold off his pursuers for his fifth victory in six starts as constructor Red Bull takes the laurels for the second consecutive season. Photo Credit: Red Bull Racing.
2011 XLVIII Grand Prix du Canada 2011 Montréal, Quebec2011 2011 XLVIII Grand Prix du Canada 2011 At Gilles Villeneuve for the Canadian Grand Prix (305.5 kilometers) in June, a British McLaren MP4-26 Mercedes under Jensen Button (GB) takes the flag in rainy conditions in 4:04:39.5 (average 46.52 mph), under three seconds ahead of a Red Bull driven by Sebastian Vettel. Button, after tangling with teammate Lewis Hamilton on Lap 7, stopping for service six times, once for a drive-through penalty, and trailing the entire field with thirty laps to go, steadily progress up through the pack in the rain and prevails after race leader Vettel slides wide in the wet in a corner on the final circuit, allowing the Briton to dramatically slip through for a surprising victory. The heavy rains significantly impact visibility and prompts an over two-hour red flag condition. Photo Credit: Associated Press.
2011 Großer Preis von Deutschland Nürburg, Germany2011 2011 Großer Preis von Deutschland At the Nürburgring for the German Grand Prix (308.9 kilometers) in July, a British McLaren MP4-26 Mercedes under Lewis Hamilton (GB) notches a victory in 1:37:30.3 (average 118.01 mph), under four seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Fernando Alonso. Hamilton moves out front after leapfrogging race leader Mark Webber in his Red Bull at final service with only four laps remaining. Photo Credit: McLaren.