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1965 FIA Formula 1 Season (ICM)

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1965 FIA Formula 1 Season (ICM)
Photo Credit: LAT Photographic Archive.
Champion Constructor: Lotus Climax (GB,2,1)
Putative Constructor: Owen BRM (GB,1,2)
Champion Driver: Jim Clark (GB,2,2)
Putative Driver: Jim Clark (GB)
Putative Constructor Entry Specification: Model P261, 1.49-liter, eight-cylinder vee, aluminum alloy engine, DOHC, fuel injection, six-speed, ventilated disc brakes, semi-monocoque chassis, lower wishbone independent suspension, 215 horsepower (Tony Rudd).

Lotus with its Model 33 entry and driver Jim Clark edge out Owen BRM and Graham Hill for the 1965 Formula 1 constructors' and drivers' titles, yet the putative honors fall to Owen for the second time. Rookie and future F1 champion Jackie Stewart makes his debut at East London, South Africa in January and snares his maiden victory at Monza in September. Future F1 champion Denis Hulme makes his debut at Monaco in May. F1 makes its inaugural visit to Charade in July. Fledgling Honda Motor under Richie Ginther scores a remarkable victory at Mexico City in October after only its second campaign in F1 racing.

HeM applies the Putative Model to all racing seasons for two primary purposes: First, to effectively normalize all racing seasons for empirical comparison across the decades, and second, to step clear of series organizers which score season championships primarily out of commercial interest or to attract manufacturer participation. The Putative Model simply scores all seasons in the same fashion as a standard track and field meeting, with the only purpose of tracking what takes place at the finishing stripe If the Putative Champion differs from the nominal Series Champion, please note the (SC) notation below.

Owen BRM104     Clark J78
Lotus Climax (SC)83     Hill G64
Brabham Climax47     Stewart Jk44
Scuderia Ferrari36     Gurney32
Honda16     Surtees21
Cooper Climax15     Bandini15

Noteworthy 1965 Races

1965 XXIII Grand Prix de Monaco Monte Carlo1965 1965 XXIII Grand Prix de Monaco At Monaco for the Grand Prix (314.5 kilometers) in May, the race comes to a British Owen B.R.M. P261 under Graham Hill (GB) in 2:37:39.6 (average 74.29 mph), sixty-four seconds ahead of a Ferrari entry. Hill survives a race of mishaps and mechanicals, then moves ahead of Lorenzo Bandini in his Ferrari with thirty-five laps remaining to win the event for the third consecutive season. Australian driver Paul Hawkins escapes calamity after missing a chicane and dramatically crashing into the Mediterranean Sea on Lap 85. The race begins under a cloud of controversy as race organizers fume at Team Lotus for allowing racing ace Jimmy Clark to miss the event and instead run the Indianapolis 500, and the ensuing kerfuffle prompts Lotus to withdraw from the contest. Photo Credit: Sutton Images.
1965 XVIII RAC British Grand Prix Silverstone, England1965 1965 XVIII RAC British Grand Prix At Silverstone for the British Grand Prix (377 kilometers) in July, a British Lotus 33 Climax under Jim Clark (GB) takes race honors in 2:05:25.4 (average 112.02 mph), under four seconds ahead of a B.R.M. driven by Graham Hill. Clark gets away from the field and builds a half minute lead before his entry begins to suffer failing oil pressure with thirty laps remaining. Clark nurses his entry home as Hill rapidly closes in on the point, yet the Scotsman manages to hold off Hill for a narrow and dramatic victory. Photo Credit: LAT Photographic Archive.
1965 XXXVI Gran Premio d'Italia Monza, Italy1965 1965 XXXVI Gran Premio d'Italia At Monza for the Italian Grand Prix (437 kilometers) in September, a British Owen B.R.M. under Jackie Stewart (GB) takes the flag in 2:04:52.8 (average 140.48 mph), under four seconds ahead of a companion B.R.M. entry driven by Graham Hill. Stewart, Hill, and Jim Clark in his Lotus dice with one another for the race lead from the start, and Stewart finally establishes position after race leader Clark drops a fuel pump with twelve laps remaining. Stewart plans on following team orders and allow Hill to pass for the win and the valuable points, yet Hill botches the finish formation with a ragged turn on the final lap and Stewart unexpectedly earns his maiden Formula 1 victory. Photo Credit: LAT Photographic Archive.
1965 IV Gran Premio de México México City, México1965 1965 IV Gran Premio de México At Ciudad México for the Grand Prix (325 kilometers) in October, a Japanese Honda RA272 under Richie Ginther (US) unexpectedly notches a victory in 2:08:32.1 (average 94.20 mph), under three seconds ahead of a Brabham driven by Dan Gurney. Ginther leads the race wire-to-wire and the American driver and Honda each claim a maiden F1 victory, a remarkable engineering success for the upstart Japanese make that only began focusing upon automobile manufacturing in 1963. The FIA announces the end of the current 1.5-liter formula at season end. Photo Credit: Bernard Cahier.