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1938 AIACR Grand Prix Season

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1938 AIACR Grand Prix Season
Photo Credit: Daimler AG.
Champion Constructor: None
Putative Constructor: Daimler Mercedes (DE,0,5)
Champion Driver: Rudy Caracciola (DE,3,3)
Putative Driver: Rudy Caracciola (DE)
Putative Constructor Entry Specification: Model W154, 2.96-liter, twelve-cylinder vee, forged steel engine, DOHC, twin carburetors, twin superchargers, five speed, tube frame, independent suspension, 490 horsepower (Max Sailer).

The AIACR revises its Grand Prix formula for the 1938 season by increasing the displacement limit to 4.5 liters for non-supercharged platforms and 3.0 for those utilizing supercharging. ALFA Romeo elects to transfer its racing construction from Scuderia Ferrari to Alfa Corse, yet maintains Enzo Ferrari as its head of operations. Daimler Mercedes captures its second consecutive and fifth overall Grand Prix putative constructors' title as its driver Rudy Caracciola takes his second consecutive and third overall EDC drivers' crown. Despite the widespread adulation for Italian driver Tazio Nuvolari and his flamboyant racing style across Europe, one can arguably assert that Caracciola stands as the definitive racing pilot for the Thirties' decade. Departures: Bernd Rosemeyer, 28, b. Lingen, German Empire 1909, d. at speed trials on the Autobahn, Frankfurt, Germany, January. Eugenio Siena, 33, b. Milan, Italy 1905, d. GP Tripoli, Tripolitania, May. 12 spectators due to João Alfredo Braga shunt, GP Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June.

HeM applies the Putative Model to all racing seasons for two primary purposes: First, to effectively normalize all racing seasons for empirical comparison across the decades, and second, to step clear of series organizers which score season championships primarily out of commercial interest or to attract manufacturer participation. The Putative Model simply scores all seasons in the same fashion as a standard track and field meeting, with the only purpose of tracking what takes place at the finishing stripe If the Putative Champion differs from the nominal Series Champion, please note the (SC) notation below.

Mercedes75     Caracciola33
Auto Union23     Von Brauchitsch23
SA Alfa Romeo13     Seaman21
Talbot Darracq3     Lang15
Scuderia Torino Alfa Romeo3     Nuvolari15
Ecurie Bleue Delahaye2     Farina10

Noteworthy 1938 Races

1938 V Grosser Preis der Schweiz Berne, Switzerland1938 1938 V Grosser Preis der Schweiz At Berne for the Swiss Grand Prix (364 kilometers) in August, a German Daimler Mercedes W154 under Rudy Caracciola (DE) takes race honors in heavy rains in 2:32:07.8 (average 89.20 mph), twenty-six seconds ahead of a companion Mercedes entry. Driving through torrential rains and without a visor, Caracciola, known to racing enthusiasts as 'Der Regenmeister', manages to slip past race leader Richard Seaman in his Mercedes and remarkably fight through the poor visibility to sprint away with one of his best wet weather performances of his career. Photo Credit: Daimler AG.
1938 Grand Prix de Pau Pau, France1938 1938 Grand Prix de Pau At Pau, France for the Grand Prix (277 kilometers) in April, a French Ecurie Bleue Delahaye 145 under René Dreyfus (FR) takes the flag in 3:08:59 (average 54.64 mph), under two minutes ahead of a Mercedes entry. After race leader Rudy Caracciola gets hung up with long service at Lap 50, including a driver changeover to Hermann Lang, Dreyfus moves out front and holds off Mercedes for a tremendous upset victory for Delahaye in the lovely southern French town nestled in the Pyrénées. Photo Credit: Non-Primary: 8w.forix.com/.