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1932 AIACR Grand Prix Season

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1932 AIACR Grand Prix Season
Photo Credit: Attribution Unascertained.
Champion Constructor: None
Putative Constructor: SA ALFA Romeo (IT,1,4)
Champion Driver: Tazio Nuvolari (IT,1,1)
Putative Driver: Tazio Nuvolari (IT)
Putative Constructor Entry Specification: Model Tipo B P3 Monoposto, 2.65-liter, eight-cylinder inline, DOHC, twin carburetors, twin superchargers, four-speed, 220 horsepower (Vittorio Jano).

The AIACR reduces the racing format for its Grand Prix series to five hours for the 1932 racing season. SA ALFA Romeo takes the Grand Prix putative constructors' title for the second consecutive season as driver Tazio Nuvolari wins his maiden EDC drivers' crown. The German automobile manufacturers, suddenly thriving under the ascendant Third Reich and its Nationalist Socialist Party, again aggressively assert themselves in global motorsport. Departures: Heinrich-Joachim von Morgen, 30, b. Berlin, Germany 1902, d. at practice, Eifelrennen, Mayen, Germany, May.

HeM applies the Putative Model to all racing seasons for two primary purposes: First, to effectively normalize all racing seasons for empirical comparison across the decades, and second, to step clear of series organizers which score season championships primarily out of commercial interest or to attract manufacturer participation. The Putative Model simply scores all seasons in the same fashion as a standard track and field meeting, with the only purpose of tracking what takes place at the finishing stripe If the Putative Champion differs from the nominal Series Champion, please note the (SC) notation below.

SA Alfa Romeo70     Nuvolari32
Maserati8     Caracciola22
Dreyfus Bugatti7     Borzacchini18
Bugatti4     Fagioli8
Grover Williams Bugatti1     Maserati8

Noteworthy 1932 Races

1932 IV Grand Prix de Monaco Monte Carlo1932 1932 IV Grand Prix de Monaco At Monaco for the Grand Prix (318 kilometers, non-championship) in April, the race comes to an Italian SA ALFA Romeo Monza under Tazio Nuvolari (IT) in 3:32:25.2, under three seconds ahead of an ALFA Romeo driven by Rudy Caracciola. Nuvolari takes advantage of an error and resulting shunt by race leader Louis Chiron in his Bugatti on Lap 29 before Nuvolari and Caracciola dice for the lead over the closing laps. Caracciola closes to the rear of Nuvolari after the latter begins to suffer fuel pick up issues before the German backs off and yields to Nuvolari with a few laps remaining. Photo Credit: Attribution Unascertained.
1932 I British Empire Trophy Brooklands, England1932 1932 I British Empire Trophy At Brooklands for the inaugural British Empire Trophy (100 miles, heats plus final, non-championship) in April, a British Cobb Delage V12/LSR under John Cobb (GB) takes race honors in 0:47:29 (average 126.4 mph), under a second (.20) ahead of a Panhard driven by George Eyeston. Cobb utilizes skill in narrowly holding off Eyeston over the closing laps, yet Eyeston files a protest accusing Cobb of blocking his pass at race end. The race stewards uphold the Eyeston appeal, yet the Royal Automobile Club overrules the stewards and grants the victory to Cobb eighteen days later. Photo Credit: LAT/Brooklands Museum Archive.
1932 ADAC Avusrennen Berlin, Weimar Republic1932 1932 ADAC Avusrennen At Berlin on the ever swift Avus oval for the ADAC Avusrennen (294 kilometers, non-championship) in May, a 7.1-liter German Mercedes SSKL under Manfred von Brauchitsch (DE) takes race honors in 1:30:52.4 (average 120.79 mph), under four seconds ahead of an ALFA Romeo driven by Rudy Caracciola. Von Brauchitsch moves out front on the final lap with an unexpected pass of race leader Caracciola on the straight just past the South Loop. Mercedes debuts its radical streamlined bullet design racers with considerable fanfare before the German crowd. The race claims the life of Czech Prince George Lobkowicz, who perishes in a rollover shunt on the opening lap. Photo Credit: Non-Primary: www.classiccarcatalogue.com/.
1932 VIII Grand Prix du Comminges Saint-Gaudens, France1932 1932 VIII Grand Prix du Comminges At Saint-Gaudens for the Grand Prix du Comminges (421 kilometers, non-championship) in August, an Italian Zehender ALFA Romeo Monza under Goffredo Zehender (IT) takes the flag in rainy conditions in 3:02:21 (average 86.0 mph), under three and a half minutes ahead of a Bugatti entry. René Dreyfus in his Bugatti holds a forty second lead before a cloudburst opens above the circuit with four laps to go. As the entries approach the uphill section before the grandstand, the wet surface sends race leader Dreyfus off the circuit and into the trees, leaving Jean-Pierre Wimille in his ALFA Romeo in the lead as the racers begin the final circuit. Wimille shortly thereafter wrecks on the Garonne Bridge and Zehender somehow emerges out front for victory in a disastrous finish. Photo Credit:
1932 V Gran Premio di Monza Monza, Italy1932 1932 V Gran Premio di Monza At Monza for the Grand Prix (200 kilometers, heats plus final, non-championship) in September, an Italian ALFA Romeo Tipo B/P3 under Rudy Caracciola (DE) notches a victory in 1:07:15.4, under two minutes ahead of a Maserati entry. Race leader Tazio Nuvolari in his ALFA Romeo clings to a narrow lead over Caracciola as both drivers begin the final circuit before Nuvolari stalls mere kilometers from the finish with a fuel feed problem, handing Caracciola a surprise victory at the fabled circuit. Photo Credit: Non-Primary: www.classiccarcatalogue.com/.