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1929 AIACR Grand Prix Season

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1929 AIACR Grand Prix Season
Photo Credit: ESPN UK.
Champion Constructor: None
Putative Constructor: Automobiles Ettore Bugatti (FR,1,2)
Champion Driver: None
Putative Driver: William Grover-Williams (GB), Ray Keech (US,0,1)
Putative Constructor Entry Specification: Model T35B, 2.26-liter, eight-cylinder inline, cast-iron engine, SOHC, supercharged, four-speed, aluminum body/steel ladder frame, 140 horsepower (Ettore Bugatti).

The Grand Prix circuit meets in the pocket-sized city-state and former pirates' haven of the Principality of Monaco on the splendid shores of the Northeast Mediterranean for the first time in 1929, a milestone for global motorsport. American General Motors acquires German Opel in March. The Dow Industrials drop nearly twenty-six percent between October 24 (Black Thursday) and 28, triggering a global depression that threatens the short-term health of global motorsport. New Racing Makes: Belgian Impèria-Excelsior. Racing Evolution: Sixteen-cylinder racing engines (Maserati).

HeM applies the Putative Model to all racing seasons for two primary purposes: First, to effectively normalize all racing seasons for empirical comparison across the decades, and second, to step clear of series organizers which score season championships primarily out of commercial interest or to attract manufacturer participation. The Putative Model simply scores all seasons in the same fashion as a standard track and field meeting, with the only purpose of tracking what takes place at the finishing stripe If the Putative Champion differs from the nominal Series Champion, please note the (SC) notation below.

Bugatti20     Keech12
Yagle Miller12     Grover-Williams W12
Sampson Miller8     Meyer L8
Peugeot8     Boillot A8
Duesenberg7     Gleason5
Marchese Miller3     Conelli5

Noteworthy 1929 Races

1929 Gran Premio di Tripoli Tripoli, Italian Tripolitania1929 1929 Gran Premio di Tripoli At Tripoli for the Grand Prix (419 kilometers, non-championship) in March, the race comes to an Italian Materassi Talbot 700 under Gaston Brilli-Peri (IT) in 3:07:45 (average 82.8 mph), under fifty-five seconds ahead of a Maserati driven by Baconin Borzacchini. Brilli-Peri, executing a fabulous charge to the front after stopping for service on Lap 7, takes the point after passing race leader Borzacchini with only two laps remaining. Photo Credit:
1929 I Grand Prix de Monaco Monte Carlo1929 1929 I Grand Prix de Monaco At Monte Carlo for the inaugural Monaco Grand Prix (318 kilometers, non-championship) in April, the race comes to a French Williams Bugatti T35B under William Grover-Williams (GB) in 3:56:11 (average 50.19 mph), under seventy-eight seconds ahead of a Bugatti entry. The legendary big block 7.1 German Mercedes SSK entry of Rudy Caracciola proves no match for the more nimble Bugatti entries upon the streets of the principality and the motorsport community, stunned by the glamour of Monte Carlo for the first time, gets a glimpse into its not-too-distant future. Photo Credit: Non-Primary: www.historicracing.com/.