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1900 Grand Prix Season

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1900 Grand Prix Season
Photo Credit: La Vie au Grand Air, 17 juin 1900.
Champion Constructor: None
Putative Constructor: Panhard et Levassor (FR,0,5)
Champion Driver: None
Putative Driver: Albert Velghe (FR,0,1)
Putative Constructor Entry Specification: Model GB, 5.32-liter, four-cylinder inline, automatic inlet valve, 24 horsepower (Arthur Krebs).

Panhard et Levassor captures its fifth consecutive Grand Prix putative constructors' title. The turn of the century presents tremendous opportunity and growth for the fledgling automobile industry, and the core for such commercial dynamism finds itself blossoming in the American Midwest, a region that experiences an eruption in the number of investors and engineers eager to join the passenger automobile market. New Suppliers: American Firestone. New Racing Makes: Italian Isotta Fraschini. American Dodge Brothers. American National. Belgian Pipe. American White. American E.R. Thomas. American Knox. French Chenard Walcker. Belgian Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre (FN). Racing Evolution: Five-liter displacement engines. Metal alloy composition engines (Daimler).

HeM applies the Putative Model to all racing seasons for two primary purposes: First, to effectively normalize all racing seasons for empirical comparison across the decades, and second, to step clear of series organizers which score season championships primarily out of commercial interest or to attract manufacturer participation. The Putative Model simply scores all seasons in the same fashion as a standard track and field meeting, with the only purpose of tracking what takes place at the finishing stripe If the Putative Champion differs from the nominal Series Champion, please note the (SC) notation below.

Panhard Levassor144     Velghe26
FIAT37     de Knyff24
Mors30     Lancia20
Prinetti Stucchi (v)20     Charron17
Peugeot (a,v)16     Nazzaro15
Buchet (v)13     Marcellin (v)13

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