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IndyCar Racing Championship Table

Please select a desired season year link below and to the left to view details about a given racing season. Please see our reference to the Putative Model on our detail history pages to learn more about the HeM approach to its normalized season series championship results.

SeasonConstructorPutative ChampionDriverPutative Champion
2019ICS - Penske Dallara IR12 Chevrolet (US,0N,32P)Josef Newgarden (US,2N,2P)
2018ICS - Penske Dallara IR12 Chevrolet (US, 0N,31P)Scott Dixon (NZ, 5N,5P)
2017ICS - Penske Dallara DW12 Chevrolet (US, 0N,30P)Josef Newgarden (US, 1N,1P)
2016ICS - Penske Dallara DW12 Chevrolet (US, 0N,29P)Simon Pagenaud (FR, 1N,1P)
2015ICS - Penske Dallara DW12 Chevrolet (US, 0N,28P)Scott Dixon, Ganassi (NZ, 4N,4P)Graham Rahal, RLL (US, 0N,1P)
2014ICS - Penske Dallara DW12 Chevrolet (US, 0N,27P)Will Power (AU, 1N,3P)
2013ICS - Andretti Dallara DW12 Chevrolet (US, 0N,4P)Scott Dixon (NZ, 3N,4P)
2012ICS - Penske Dallara DW12 Chevrolet (US, 0N,26P)Ryan Hunter-Reay, Andretti (US, 1N,1P)
2011ICS - Ganassi Dallara IR05 Honda (US, 0N,7P)Dario Franchitti (GB, 4N,0P)Will Power, Penske (AU, 0N,2P)
2010ICS - Penske Dallara IR05 Honda (US, 0N,25P)Dario Franchitti, Ganassi (GB, 3N,0P)Will Power (AU, 0N,1P)
2009ICS - Ganassi Dallara IR05 Honda (US, 0N,6P)Dario Franchitti (GB, 2N,0P)R. Briscoe, Penske (AU, 0N,1P)
2008ICS - Ganassi Dallara IR05 Honda (US, 0N,5P)Scott Dixon (NZ, 2N,3P)
2008Open Wheel Unification Era
2007IRL - Andretti Green Dallara IR05 Honda (US, 0N,5P)Dario Franchitti (GB, 1N,0P)Scott Dixon (NZ, 1N,2P)
2006IRL - Penske Dallara IR03 Honda (US, 0N,24P)Sam Hornish Jr. (US, 3N,3P)
2005IRL - Andretti Green Dallara IR03 Honda (US, 0N,4P)Dan Wheldon (GB, 1N,1P)
2004IRL - Andretti Green Dallara IR03 Honda (US, 0N,3P)Tony Kanaan (BR, 1N,1P)
2003IRL - Penske Dallara IR03/G-Force GF09 Toyota (US, 0N,23P)Scott Dixon, Ganassi (NZ, 1N,1P)
2002IRL - Penske Dallara IR02 Chevrolet (US, 0N,22P)Sam Hornish Jr. (US, 2N,2P)
2001CART - Penske Reynard 01I Honda (US, 0N,21P)Gil de Ferran (BR, 2N,2P)
2000CART - Penske Reynard 2KI Honda (US, 0N,20P)Gil de Ferran (BR, 1N,1P)
1999CART - Green Reynard 99I Honda (US, 0N,2P)Juan Pablo Montoya, Ganassi (CO, 1N,1P)
1998CART - Ganassi Reynard 98I Honda (US, 0N,4P)Alex Zanardi (IT, 2N,3P)
1997CART - Ganassi Reynard 97I Honda (US, 0N,3P)Alex Zanardi (IT, 1N,2P)
1996IndyCar - Ganassi Reynard 96I Honda (US, 0N,2P)Jimmy Vasser (US, 1N,0P)Alex Zanardi (IT, 0N,1P)
1996IRL Era
1995IndyCar - Penske PC-24 Mercedes (US, 0N,19P)Jacques Villeneuve, Green (CA, 2N,2P)
1994IndyCar - Penske PC-23 Mercedes/Ilmor (US, 0N,17P)Al Unser Jr. (US, 4N,5P)
1993IndyCar - Penske PC-22 Chevrolet (US, 0N,16P)Nigel Mansell, Newman Haas (GB, 1N,1P)
1992IndyCar- Newman Haas Lola T92/00 Ford (US, 0N,2P)Bobby Rahal, Rahal Logan (US, 4N,3P)Michael Andretti (US, 1N,2P)
1991CART - Galles Lola T91/00 Chevrolet (US, 0N,2P)Michael Andretti (US, 1N,1P)
1990CART - Galles Lola T90/00 Chevrolet (US, 0N,1P)Al Unser Jr. (US, 1N,2P)
1989CART - Penske PC18 Chevrolet (US, 0N,13P)Emerson Fittipaldi, Patrick (BR, 2N,2P)
1988CART - Penske PC17 Chevrolet (US, 0N,12P)Danny Sullivan (US, 2N,2P)
1987CART - Trueman Lola T87/00 Cosworth (US, 0N,3P)Bobby Rahal (US, 3N,3P)
1986CART - Truesports March 86C Cosworth (US, 0N,2P)Bobby Rahal (US, 2N,2P)
1985CART - Penske March 85C Cosworth (US, 0N,9P)Al Unser (US, 3N,2P)Al Unser Jr., Shierson (US, 0N,1P)
1984CART - Newman Haas Lola T800 Cosworth (US, 0N,1P)Mario Andretti (US, 4N,5P)
1983CART - Penske PC10B Cosworth (US, 0N,6P)Al Unser (US, 2N,2P)Teo Fabi, Forsythe (IT, 0N,1P)
1982CART - Penske PC10 Cosworth (US, 0N,5P)Rick Mears (US, 3N,2P)
1981CART - Penske PC9B Cosworth (US, 0N,4P)Rick Mears (US, 2N,1P)
1980CART - Penske PC9 Cosworth (US, 0N,3P) Johnny Rutherford (US, 1N,3P)
1979CART - Penske PC7 Cosworth (US, 0N,2P)Rick Mears (US, 1N,0P)Bobby Unser (US, 2N,3P)
1979USAC/CART Split Era
1978Penske PC6B Cosworth (US, 0N,1P)Tom Sneva (US, 2N,1P)
1977Patrick Wildcat DGS (US, 0N,2P)Tom Sneva, Penske (US, 1N,0P)Johnny Rutherford, McLaren (US, 0N,2P)
1976Patrick Wildcat DGS (US, 0N,1P)Gordon Johncock (US, 1N,1P)
1975Foyt Coyote Foyt (US, 0N,1P)A.J. Foyt (US, 6N,7P)
1974Olson Eagle Offenhauser (US, 0N,1P)Bobby Unser (US, 2N,2P)
1973Miletich-Jones Parnelli VPJ-2 Offenhauser (US, 0N,4P)Roger McCluskey, Hopkins (US, 1N,0P)Johnny Rutherford, McLaren (US, 0N,1P)
1972Miletich-Jones Parnelli VPJ-1/Colt Offenhauser (US, 0N,3P)Joe Leonard (US, 2N,0P)Bobby Unser (US, 1N,1P)
1971Miletich-Jones Colt Ford (US, 0N,2P)J. Leonard (US, 1N,0P)Al Unser (US, 1N,2P)
1970Miletich-Jones Colt/King Ford (US, 0N,1P)Al Unser (US, 1N,1P)
1969Granatelli Brawner/Hawk/Gerhardt/Kuzma/King/Lola Ford/Offenhauser/Plymouth (US, 0N,1P)Mario Andretti (US, 3N,4P)
1968Andretti Brawner/Hawk/Kuzma Ford/Offenhauser (US, 0N,1P)Bobby Unser, Wilke (US, 1N,0P)Mario Andretti (US, 2N,3P)
1967Dean Brawner/Kuzma Ford/Offenhauser (US, 0N,5P)A.J. Foyt, Ansted-Thompson (US, 5N,6P)Mario Andretti (US, 2N,2P)
1966Dean Brawner/Kuzma Ford/Offenhauser (US, 0N,4P)Mario Andretti (US, 2N,1P)
1965Ansted Thompson Lotus/Mesk Ford/Offenhauser (US, 0N,3P)Mario Andretti, Dean (US, 1N,0P)A.J. Foyt (US, 4N,6P)
1964Ansted Thompson Watson/Meskowski Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,2P)A.J. Foyt (US, 4N,5P)
1963Wilke Watson Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,3P), Ansted Thompson Meskowski/Trevis Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,1P)A.J. Foyt (US, 3N,4P)
1962Wilke Watson Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,2P)Rodger Ward (US, 2N,1P)A.J. Foyt, Bignotti (US, 2N,3P)
1961Bignotti Kraft/Trevis/Mesk Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,2P)A.J. Foyt (US, 2N,2P)
1960Bignotti Kraft/Meskowski Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,1P)A.J. Foyt (US, 1N,1P)
1959Wilke Watson Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,1P)Rodger Ward (US, 1N,1P)
1958Racing Associates Kuzma Offenhauser 256 (US, 0N,1P)Tony Bettenhausen, Zink (US, 2N,2P)Johnny Thomson (US, 0N,1P)
1957Hopkins Lesovsky/Epperly Offenhauser 256 (US, 0N,1P)Jimmy Bryan, Salih (US, 3N,3P)Jud Larson, Zink (US, 0N,1P)
1956Dean Kuzma Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,3P)Jimmy Bryan (US, 2N,3P)
1956USAC Racing Era
1955Dean Kuzma Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,2P)B. Sweikert, Zink (US, 1N,0P)Jimmy Bryan (US, 1N,2P)
1954Dean Kuzma Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Jimmy Bryan (US, 1N,1P)
1953Walsh Kraft KK4000 Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Sam Hanks (US, 1N,1P)
1952Agajanian Kuzma Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Chuck Stevenson, Paoli (US, 1N,1P)
1951Belanger Kraft KK3000 Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Tony Bettenhausen (US, 1N,2P)
1950Russo Nichels Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Henry Banks, Moore (US, 1N,0P)Tony Bettenhausen, Belanger (US, 0N,1P)
1949Kurtis Kraft 1000 Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Johnnie Parsons (US, 1N,1P)
1948Marchese Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Ted Horn, Horn (US, 3N,2P)Myron Fohr (US, 0N,1P)
1947Horn Offenhauser 270 (US, 0N,1P)Ted Horn (US, 2N,1P)
1946Bowes Stevens Winfield (US, 0N,3P)Ted Horn, Peters (US, 1N,0P)Rex Mays (US, 2N,4P)
1945World War II
1944World War II
1943World War II
1942World War II
1941Bowes Stevens Winfield (US, 0N,2P)Rex Mays (US, 2N,3P)
1940Bowes Stevens Winfield (US, 0N,1P)Rex Mays (US, 1N,2P)
1939Boyle Miller 268 (US 0N,2P)Wilbur Shaw, Boyle Maserati (US, 2N,1P)Babe Stapp (US, 0N,1P)
1938Moore Wetteroth Miller 270 (US, 0N,1P), Thorne Adams Sparks (US, 0N, 1P)Floyd Roberts, Moore (US,1N,1P)Jimmy Snyder, Thorne (US, 0N, 1P)
1937Auto Union Typ C (DE, 0N,1P)Wilbur Shaw, Shaw-Gilmore (US, 1N,1P)Billy Winn, Boyle (US, 0N,2P), Bernd Rosemeyer (DE, 0N,1P)
1936Scuderia Ferrari ALFA Romeo 12C-36 (IT, 0N,1P)Mauri Rose, Moore (US, 1N,0P)Rex Mays, Weirick (US, 0N,1P)
1935Petillo Wetteroth Offenhauser 255 (US, 0N,1P)Kelly Petillo (US, 1N,1P)
1934Litz Miller 220 (US, 0N,1P)Bill Cummings, Henning (US, 1N,1P)Billy Winn (US, 0N,1P)
1933Boyle Miller 152 (US, 0N,1P)Louis Meyer, Meyer (US, 3N,1P)Bill Cummings (US, 0N,1P)
1932Meyer Stevens Miller 152 (US, 0N,1P)Bob Carey (US, 1N,1P)
1931Schneider Stevens Miller 122 (US, 0N,1P)Louis Schneider (US, 1N,0P)Shorty Cantlon (US, 0N,1P)
1930Hartz Summers Miller 152 (US, 0N,2P)Billy Arnold (US, 1N,1P)
1929Sampson Miller 91 (US, 0N,1P)Louis Meyer (US, 2N,1P)
1928Yagle Miller 91 (US, 0N,1P)Louis Meyer, Sampson (US, 1N,0P)Ray Keech (US, 0N, 1P)
1927DePaolo Miller 91 (US, 0N,1P)Pete DePaolo (US, 2N,2P)
1926Hartz Miller 91 (US, 0N,1P)Harry Hartz (US, 1N,1P)
1925Duesenberg Eight (US, 0N,5P)Pete DePaolo (US, 1N,1P)
1924Durant Miller 122 S8 (US, 0N,2P)Jimmy Murphy, Murphy (US, 2N,2P)Bennett Hill, Miller (US, 0N,1P)
1923Durant Miller 122 (US, 0N,1P)Eddie Hearne (US, 1N,1P)
1922Duesenberg 183 (US, 0N,4P)Jimmy Murphy (US, 1N,2P)
1921Duesenberg 183 (US, 0N,3P)Tommy Milton, Durant (US, 1N,1P)Roscoe Sarles, Duesenberg (US, 0N,1P)
1920Duesenberg 183 (US, 0N,2P)Gaston Chevrolet, Small (US, 1N,0P)Jimmy Murphy (US, 0N,1P), Tommy Milton (US, 0N,1P)
1919Chevrolet Frontenac (US, 0N,3P)Howdy Wilcox, IST (US, 1N,0P)Rex Mulford (US, 2N,3P)
1918Chevrolet Frontenac (US, 0N,2P)Rex Mulford (US, 2N,2P)
1917Chevrolet Frontenac (US, 0N,1P)Earl Cooper, Stutz (US, 3N,2P)Louis Chevrolet (CH, 0N,1P)
1916Peugeot L45 (US, 0N,1P)Dario Resta (GB, 1N,0P)Johnny Aitken (US, 0N,1P)
1915Stutz Wisconsin 35 Bear Cat (US, 0N,2P)Earl Cooper (US, 2N,2P)
1914Duesenberg (US, 0N,1P)Ralph DePalma, Mercedes (IT, 2N,1P)Ralph Mulford, Peugeot (US, 1N,1P)
1913Stutz Ideal Wisconsin Series B Bear Cat (US, 0N,1P)Earl Cooper (US, 1N,1P)
1912Mercer 35R (US, 0N,1P)Ralph DePalma, Mercedes (IT, 1N,1P)
1911National 40 (US, 0N,2P)Ralph Mulford, Lozier (US, 1N,0P)Charlie Merz (US, 0N,1P)
1910National 40 (US, 0N,1P)Ray Harroun, Marmon (US, 1N,1P)
1909Buick 16B (US, 0N,1P)George Robertson, Simplex (US, 1N,0P)Bert Dingley, Chalmers-Detroit (US, 0N,1P)
1905Oldfield Peerless Green Dragon (US, 0N,1P)Victory Hémery, Darracq (FR, 1N,0P)Barney Oldfield (US, 0N,1P)