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Formula 1 Racing Championship Table

Please select a desired season year link below and to the left to view details about a given racing season. Please see our reference to the Putative Model on our detail history pages to learn more about the HeM approach to its normalized season series championship results.

SeasonConstructorPutative ChampionDriverPutative Champion
2019AMG Mercedes (DE, 6N,13P)Lewis Hamilton (GB, 6N,6P)
2018AMG Mercedes F1 W09 (DE, 5N,12P)Lewis Hamilton (GB, 5N,5P)
2017AMG Mercedes F1 W08 (DE, 4N,11P)Lewis Hamilton (GB, 4N,4P)
2016AMG Mercedes F1 W07 (DE, 3N,10P)Nico Rosberg (DE, 1N,0P)Lewis Hamilton (GB, 3N,3P)
2015AMG Mercedes F1 W06 (DE, 2N,9P)Lewis Hamilton (GB, 3N,2P)
2014AMG Mercedes F1 W05 (DE, 1N,8P)Lewis Hamilton (GB, 2N,1P)
2014Turbo Hybrid Era
2013Red Bull RB9 Renault (AT, 4N,4P)Sebastian Vettel (DE, 4N,4P)
2012Red Bull RB8 Renault (AT, 3N,3P)Sebastian Vettel (DE, 3N,3P)
2011Red Bull RB7 Renault (AT, 2N,2P)Sebastian Vettel (DE, 2N,2P)
2010Red Bull RB6 Renault (AT, 1N,1P)Sebastian Vettel (DE, 1N,1P)
2009Brawn BGP 001 Mercedes (GB, 1N,1P)Jenson Button (GB, 1N,1P)
2008Scuderia Ferrari F2008 (IT, 16N,29P)Lewis Hamilton, McLaren (GB, 1N,0P)F. Massa (BR, 0N,1P)
2007Scuderia Ferrari F2007 (IT, 15N,28P)Kimi Räikkönen (FI, 1N,1P)
2006Renault R26 (FR, 2N,2P)Scuderia Ferrari  248 F1 (IT, 14N,27P)Fernando Alonso (ES, 2N,2P)
2005Renault R25 (FR, 1N,2P)Fernando Alonso (ES, 1N,1P)
2004Scuderia Ferrari F2004 (IT, 14N,26P)Michael Schumacher (DE, 7N,7P)
2003Scuderia Ferrari F2003-GA (IT, 13N,25P)Michael Schumacher (DE, 6N,6P)
2002Scuderia Ferrari F2002 (IT, 12N,24P)Michael Schumacher (DE, 5N,5P)
2001Scuderia Ferrari F2001 (IT, 11N,23P)Michael Schumacher (DE, 4N,4P)
2000Scuderia Ferrari F1-2000 (IT, 10N,22P)Michael Schumacher (DE, 3N,3P)
1999Scuderia Ferrari F399 (IT, 9N,21P)Mika Häkkinen, McLaren (FI, 2N,2P)
1998McLaren MP4-13 Mercedes (GB, 8N,8P)Mika Häkkinen (FI, 1N,1P)
1997Williams FW19 Renault (GB, 9N,9P)Jacques Villeneuve (CA, 1N,1P)
1996Williams FW18 Renault (GB, 8N,8P)Damon Hill (GB, 1N,1P)
1995Benetton B195 Renault (IT, 1N,1P)Michael Schumacher (DE, 2N,2P)
1994Williams FW16 Renault (GB, 7N,7P)Michael Schumacher, Benetton (DE, 1N,1P)
1993Williams FW15C Renault (GB, 6N,6P)Alain Prost (FR, 4N,6P)
1992Williams FW14B Renault (GB, 5N,5P)Nigel Mansell (GB, 1N,1P)
1991McLaren MP4-6 Honda (GB, 7N,7P)Ayrton Senna (BR, 3N,2P)
1990McLaren MP4-5B Honda (GB, 6N,6P)Ayrton Senna (BR, 2N,1P)
1990End of Turbo Era
1989McLaren MP4-5 Honda (GB, 5N,5P)Alain Prost (FR, 3N,5P)
1988McLaren MP4-4 Honda (GB, 4N,4P)Ayrton Senna (BR, 1N,0P)Alain Prost (FR, 2N,4P)
1987Williams FW11B Honda (GB, 4N,4P)Nelson Piquet (BR, 3N,3P)
1986Williams FW11 Honda (GB, 3N,3P)Alain Prost, McLaren (FR, 2N,3P)
1985McLaren MP4-2B TAG-Porsche (GB, 3N,3P)Alain Prost (FR, 1N,2P)
1984McLaren MP4-2 TAG-Porsche (GB, 2N,2P)Niki Lauda (AT, 3N,3P)
1983Scuderia Ferrari 126C3 (IT, 8N,20P)Nelson Piquet, Brabham (BR, 2N,2P)A. Prost, Renault (FR, 0N,1P)
1983F1 Turbo Era
1982Scuderia Ferrari 126C2 (IT, 7N,19P)Keke Rosberg, Williams (FI, 1N,1P)
1981Williams FW07C/D Ford (GB, 2N,2P)Nelson Piquet, Brabham (BR, 1N,1P)
1980Williams FW07B Ford (GB, 1N,1P)Alan Jones (AU, 1N,1P)
1979Scuderia Ferrari 312T4 (IT, 6N,18P)Jody Scheckter (ZA, 1N,1P)
1978Lotus 29 Ford (GB, 7N,3P)Mario Andretti (US, 1N,1P)
1977Scuderia Ferrari 312T2 (IT, 5N,17P)Niki Lauda (AT, 2N,2P)
1976ICM - Scuderia Ferrari 312T2 (IT, 4N,16P)James Hunt (GB, 1N,1P)
1975ICM - Scuderia Ferrari 312T (IT, 3N,15P)Niki Lauda (AT, 1N,1P)
1974ICM - McLaren M23 Ford (GB, 1N,1P)Scuderia Ferrari 312 B3 (IT, 2N,14P)Emerson Fittipaldi (BR, 2N,2P)
1973ICM - Lotus 72E Ford (GB, 6N,2P)Tyrrell 006 Ford (GB, 1N,2P)Jackie Stewart (GB, 3N,3P)
1972ICM - Lotus 72D Ford (GB, 5N,2P)McLaren M19C Ford (GB, 0N,1P)Emerson Fittipaldi (BR, 1N,1P)
1971ICM - Tyrrell 003 Ford (GB, 1N,1P)Jackie Stewart (GB, 2N,2P)
1970ICM - Lotus 72C Ford (GB, 4N,2P)Scuderia Ferrari 312B (IT, 2N,13P)Jochen Rindt (AT, 1N,1P)
1969ICM - Tyrrell Matra MS80 Ford (GB, 1N,1P)Jackie Stewart (GB, 1N,1P)
1968ICM - Lotus 49B Ford (GB, 3N,2P)Graham Hill (GB, 2N,2P)
1967ICM - BRO Brabham Repco BT24 (AU, 2N,2P)Denis Hulme (NZ, 1N,1P)
1966ICM - BRO Brabham Repco BT20 (AU, 1N,1P)Jack Brabham (AU, 3N,3P)
1965ICM - Lotus 33 Climax (GB, 2N,1P)Owen B.R.M. P261 (GB, 1N,2P)Jim Clark (GB, 2N,2P)
1964ICM - Scuderia Ferrari 158 (IT, 2N,12P)John Surtees (GB, 1N,1P)
1963ICM - Lotus 25 Climax (GB, 1N,1P)Jim Clark (GB, 1N,1P)
1962ICM - Owen BRM P57 (GB, 1N,1P)Graham Hill (GB, 1N,1P)
1961ICM - Scuderia Ferrari 156 (IT, 1N,11P)Phil Hill (US, 1N,1P)
1960ICM - Cooper Climax T53 (GB, 2N,1P)Jack Brabham (AU, 2N,2P)
1959ICM - Cooper Climax T51 (GB, 1N,0P)Scuderia Ferrari Dino 246 (IT, 0N,10P)Jack Brabham (AU, 1N,1P)
1958ICM - Vandervell Vanwall (GB, 1N,0P)Scuderia Ferrari Dino 246 (IT, 0N,9P)Michael Hawthorn (GB, 1N,1P)
1957Officine Maserati 250F (IT, 0N,1P)Juan Manuel Fangio (AR, 5N,5P)
1956Scuderia Ferrari Lancia D50 (IT, 0N,8P)Juan Manuel Fangio (AR, 4N,4P)
1955Daimler Benz Mercedes W196 (DE, 0N,7P)Juan Manuel Fangio (AR, 3N,3P)
1954Scuderia Ferrari 625 (IT, 0N,7P)Juan Manuel Fangio, Mercedes (AR, 2N,2P)
1953Scuderia Ferrari 500 (IT, 0N,6P)Alberto Ascari (IT, 2N,2P)
1952Scuderia Ferrari 500 (IT, 0N,5P)Alberto Ascari (IT, 1N,1P)
1951Scuderia Ferrari 375 (IT, 0N,4P)Juan Manuel Fangio, ALFA Romeo (AR, 1N,1P)
1950SA ALFA Romeo 158 (IT, 1N,5P)Giuseppe Farina (IT, 1N,1P)
1950FIA Formula 1 Modern Era
1949Scuderia Ferrari 125 (IT, 0N,3P)Louis Rosier, Talbot-Lago (FR, 0N,1P)
1948Alfa Corse ALFA Romeo 158 (IT, 0N,2P)Jean-Pierre Wimille (FR, 0N,2P)
1947Alfa Corse ALFA Romeo 158/47 (IT, 0N,1P)Jean-Pierre Wimille (FR, 0N,1P)
1945World War II
1944World War II
1943World War II
1942World War II
1941World War II
1940World War II
1939Daimler Benz Mercedes W154 (DE, 0N,6P)Hermann Lang (DE, 0N,1P)
1938Daimler Benz Mercedes W154 (DE, 0N,5P)EDC - Rudi Caracciola (DE, 3N,3P)
1937Daimler Benz Mercedes W125 (DE, 0N,4P)EDC - Rudi Caracciola (DE, 2N,2P)
1936Auto Union Typ C (DE, 0N,1P)EDC - Bernd Rosemeyer (DE, 1N,1P)
1935Daimler Benz Mercedes W25 A/B (DE, 0N,3P)EDC - Rudi Caracciola (DE, 1N,1P)
1934Scuderia Ferrari ALFA Romeo B/P3 (IT, 0N,2P)Luigi Fagioli, Mercedes (IT, 0N,1P)
1933Scuderia Ferrari ALFA Romeo B/P3 (IT, 0N,1P)Tazio Nuvolari, Maserati (IT, 1N,2P)
1932SA ALFA Romeo Tipo B/P3 (IT, 1N,4P)EDC - Tazio Nuvolari (IT, 1N,1P)
1931SA ALFA Romeo 8C 2300 (IT, 1N,3P)EDC - Ferdinando Minoia (IT, 1N, 0P)Baconin Borzacchini (IT, 0N,1P)
1930AE Bugatti T35C (FR, 1N,3P)Louis Chiron (MC, 0N,2P), Philippe Étancelin (FR, 0N,1P), Billy Arnold, Sommers (US, 0N,1P)
1929AE Bugatti T35B (FR, 1N,2P)William Grover-Williams (GB, 0N,1P), Ray Keech, Miller (US, 0N,1P)
1928Chiron Bugatti T35C (FR, 0N,1P), Sampson Miller 91 (US, 0N, 1P)Louis Chiron (MC, 0N,1P), Louis Meyer (US, 0N,1P)
1927WMC - Delage 15 S8 (FR, 1N,1P)Robert Benoist (FR, 0N,1P)
1926WMC - AE Bugatti T39A (FR, 1N,1P)Jules Goux (FR, 0N,2P)
1925WMC - SA ALFA Romeo P2 8C/2000 (IT, 1N,2P)Giuseppe Campari (IT, 0N,2P)
1924SA ALFA Romeo P2 8C/2000 (IT, 0N,1P)Giuseppe Campari (IT, 0N,1P)
1923Sunbeam (GB, 0N,1P)Henry Segrave (US, 0N,1P), Tommy Milton, Miller (US, 0N,1P), Carlo Salamano, FIAT (IT, 0N,1P)
1922FIAT 804 (IT, 0N,2P)Felice Nazzaro (IT, 0N,2P)
1921Ballot 3L (FR, 0N,1P)Jules Goux (FR, 0N,1P)
1919World War I
1918World War I
1917World War I
1916World War I
1915World War I
1914Daimler Mercedes GP (DE, 0N,2P)Christian Lautenschlager (DE, 0N,2P)
1913Peugeot EX3 (FR, 0N,4P)Georges Boillot (FR, 0N,2P)
1912Peugeot L76 (FR, 0N,3P)Georges Boillot (FR, 0N,1P)
1908Daimler Mercedes 140 Formula 1 (DE, 0N,1P)Christian Lautenschlager (DE, 0N,1P)
1907FIAT 130 (IT, 0N,1P)Felice Nazzaro (IT, 0N,1P)
1906Renault AK 90CV (FR, 0N,1P)Ferenc Szisz (HU, 0N,1P)
1906AIACR Grand Prix Era
1905Darracq 80 (FR, 0N,1P)Victor Hémery (FR, 0N,1P)
1904Panhard et Levassor 90 (FR, 0N,9P)George Heath (US, 0N,1P), Leon Théry, Richard-Brasier (FR, 0N,1P)
1903Panhard et Levassor 70 (FR, 0N,8P)Fernand Gabriel, Mors (FR, 0N,1P)
1902Panhard et Levassor 70 (FR, 0N,7P)Charles Jarrott (GB, 0N,1P)
1901Panhard et Levassor 40 (FR, 0N,6P)Henri Fournier, Mors (FR, 0N,1P)
1900Panhard et Levassor GB (FR, 0N,5P)Alfred Velghe, Mors (FR, 0N,1P)
1899Panhard et Levassor Daimler 8HP (FR, 0N,4P)Léonce Girardot (FR, 0N,1P)
1898Panhard et Levassor Daimler 8HP (FR, 0N,3P)Fernand Charron (FR, 0N,1P)
1897Panhard et Levassor Daimler 6HP (FR, 0N,2P)Paul Jamin, Bollée (FR, 0N,1N,VOI)
1896Panhard et Levassor Daimler M2E (FR, 0N,1P)Frank Duryea, Duryea (US, 0N,2P), Émile Mayade (FR, 0N,1P), Bousquet, Peugeot (FR, 0N,1P), Albert Laumaillé, Peugeot (FR, 0N,1P)
1895Peugeot Panhard Daimler Type 7 (FR, 0N,2P)Émile Levassor (FR, 0N,1P), Simon Federmann, Daimler (FR, 0N,1P), Frank Duryea, Duryea (US, 0N,1P)
1894Peugeot Panhard Daimler Type 5 (FR, 0N,1P)Count J.A. de Dion, De Dion (FR, 0N,1P, STM)