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2019 Formula 1 Current State

Formula 1 MEMORIES
AMG Mercedes continues its mastery over the reigning energy recovery technology and its competitors in 2019 and captures its sixth consecutive F1 constructors' crown at Suzuka in October. Mercedes pilot Lewis Hamilton, surprisingly again showing some artful patience with tire management at Austin in November, fails to hold off deserving teammate Valtteri Bottas for the race victory, yet nonetheless shakes the venerable columns of the Formula 1 inner sanctum after claiming his sixth Drivers' Title, only surpassed by the great Michael Schumacher.

MarchMelbourne2019 MelbourneValtteri Bottas of Mercedes wins by twenty seconds over teammate Lewis Hamilton. Photo Credit:
MarchBahrain2019 BahrainAt Bahrain for the Grand Prix (308.5 kilometers) in March, the race comes to a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) in 1:34:21.3 (average 121.89 mph), under three seconds ahead of a companion Mercedes driven by Valtteri Bottas. Tyro Charles Leclerc, driving in his first season for Scuderia Ferrari, impresses all with a pole position, a brilliant start as well as pass to the front, and an excellent service cycle before Leclerc reports his entry dropping off the pace. Observers, excited about the fresh Leclerc, can only groan as Hamilton overtakes the slowing Frenchman with ten laps remaining and breezes to a fortunate victory. Photo Credit: Associated Press.
AprilShanghai2019 ShanghaiLewis Hamilton of Mercedes leads wire-to-wire, wins by under seven seconds over teammate and title contender Valtteri Bottas. Photo Credit:
AprilBaku2019 BakuValtteri Bottas of Mercedes holds off teammate Lewis Hamilton by less than two seconds and moves atop the drivers' championship table. Photo Credit:
MayCatalunya2019 CatalunyaLewis Hamilton of Mercedes leads wire-to-wire, wins by under seven seconds over teammate and title contender Valtteri Bottas, reassumes lead in drivers' championship. Photo Credit:
MayMonaco2019 MonacoAt Monaco for the Grand Prix (260.5 kilometers) in May, a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) takes race honors in 1:43:28.4 (average 93.78 mph), under three seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton and Max Verstappen of Red Bull battle through service with differing tire strategies and despite driving on arguably superior rubber, Verstappen fails at his final lunge and touch for the lead at the Nouvelle Chicane with only two laps remaining, allowing Hamilton to brilliantly escape with his third career cross in the principality. The stewards later demote Verstappen to fourth for an unsafe release in the service lane during the contest. Photo Credit: Motorsport Images.
JuneCanada2019 CanadaAt Montréal for the Canadian Grand Prix (305.5 kilometers) in June, a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) takes the flag in 1:29:07.1 (average 125.84 mph), under four seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Sebastian Vettel. Vettel leads from the pole with Hamilton in hot pursuit until Lap 47 of 70, where an error by Vettel at Turn 4 forces him to leave the circuit. The return by Vettel across the grass and back onto the circuit chops off Hamilton, then attempting to dart past, and the resulting pinch drives Hamilton off the circuit for several meters before both resume racing. Observers howl and bicker over the incident as Vettel deftly holds off Hamilton by just over two seconds over the remaining distance, yet the stewards afterwards dock Vettel five seconds for an unsafe return, handing another victory gift to the star-kissed Hamilton. A petulant Vettel refuses to drive back to parc ferme until late in the cooldown period before defiantly switching the FIA first place finishing signage from the winning Mercedes to his own entry. Photo Credit: Z. Mauger.
JunePaul Ricard2019 Paul RicardLewis Hamilton of Mercedes leads wire-to-wire, wins by under nineteen seconds over teammate Valtteri Bottas, and establishes a firm grip upon the drivers' championship. Photo Credit:
JuneRed Bull Ring2019 Red Bull RingAt the Red Bull Ring for the Austrian Grand Prix (306.5 kilometers) in June, an Austrian Red Bull RB15 Honda under Max Verstappen (NL) notches a victory in 1:22:01.8 (average 139.34 mph), under three seconds ahead of a Ferrari driven by Charles Leclerc. Verstappen moves out front after passing race leader Leclerc on the inside line of Turn 3 with less than three laps remaining. The Verstappen attack at the moment of truth leads both entries to tangle, which in turn drives Leclerc wide and well outside of circuit limits during the overtake, yet the stewards opt not to parse the incident, leaving Verstappen with a dramatic victory in the home race for his constructor. Photo Credit: Fox Sports.
JulySilverstone2019 SilverstoneLewis Hamilton of Mercedes wins by under twenty-five seconds ahead of teammate Valtteri Bottas, wins for an unprecedented sixth time at Silverstone, and tightens his grip upon the drivers' championship chase. Photo Credit:
JulyHockenheim2019 HockenheimMax Verstappen of Red Bull takes advantage of Lewis Hamilton spin in the wet with fourteen laps remaining and holds off Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari by under eight seconds for his second season victory in a rain-drenched race at Hockenheim. Photo Credit:
AugustHungaroring2019 HungaroringAt the Hungaroring for the Grand Prix (306.5 kilometers) in August, a German Mercedes W10 under Lewis Hamilton (GB) bests the field in 1:35:03.8 (average 120.27 mph), under eighteen seconds ahead of a Red Bull driven by Max Verstappen. Mercedes, gambling over the protests of second-running Hamilton that his medium-soft rubber would outlast Verstappen and his wide margin lead, prove all correct after Hamilton scoots around the struggling Verstappen on extremely worn rubber with an outside pass at Turn 1 with only four laps remaining for a dramatic come from behind victory. Verstappen becomes the first Dutch driver to secure a pole position in series history. Photo Credit: Motorsport Images.
SeptemberSpa2019 SpaCharles Leclerc of Scuderia Ferrari survives on worn rubber and holds off charging Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes by under a second to narrowly score his maiden series victory at Spa. Photo Credit:
SeptemberMonza2019 MonzaScuderia Ferrari sudden sensation Charles Leclerc fends off Mercedes challenges like a veteran, narrowly prevails at Monza by under a second over Silver Arrows pilot Valtteri Bottas for his second consecutive career series victory in as many weeks. Photo Credit:
SeptemberSingapore2019 SingaporeScuderia Ferrari utilizes the undercut with Sebastian Vettel on Mercedes for great race advantage in the night race at Marina Bay and along the way undermines the outstanding leading first leg of Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc, thus ensuring a fiery relationship between the two pilots over the remaining season events. Photo Credit:
SeptemberSochi2019 SochiA failed ERS system on the Scuderia Ferrari entry of Sebastien Vettel amidst a service cycle at the midrace point allows Mercedes with driver Lewis Hamilton to swiftly take on new rubber and preserve its provisional lead behind the Safety Car in front of stunned Ferrari before speeding away to a surprise 1-2 Silver Arrows victory. Photo Credit:
OctoberSuzuka2019 SuzukaA stall at the starting lights by Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari creates a moment of bedlam that leaves teammate Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen of Red Bull with mortal wounds, yet also liberates Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes, who dashes around the chaos and gaps the field for his third victory on the season. The race features an interesting battle for P2 as Vettel deftly holds off Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes at the stripe, yet the fastest lap distinction tallied by Hamilton earns the Silver Arrows its sixth consecutive F1 constructors' title. Photo Credit:
OctoberMexico2019 MexicoMercedes, outgunned by Scuderia Ferrari and Aston Martin Red Bull during qualifying, elects a one-stop approach for pilot Lewis Hamilton, and after exploiting a slow service by Charles Leclerc of Ferrari at Lap 44 to take the lead, the Briton patiently extends the hard rubber and holds off Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, running on fresher tires, over the closing miles for an impressive cross. The third place finish by Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas momentarily puts off the championship laurels for Hamilton. Photo Credit:
NovemberAustin2019 AustinAt COTA for the U.S. Grand Prix (308.5 kilometers) in November, a German Mercedes W10 under Valtteri Bottas (FI) crosses first in 1:33:55.7 (average 122.45 mph), under five seconds ahead of a companion Mercedes driven by Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes splits its tire strategy with Bottas receiving the favored side, yet teammate Hamilton takes a game stab at stealing the affair with an impressive run on worn rubber. Deserving Bottas finally catches and passes Hamilton with only five laps remaining, while Hamilton deftly holds off Max Verstappen of AM Red Bull for second position to claim his boggling sixth Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship. Photo Credit: Kurt Bradley.
NovemberBrazil2019 BrazilAt Interlagos for the Grand Prix (306 kilometers) in November, the race comes to an Austrian Red Bull RB15 under Max Verstappen (NL) in 1:33:14.68 (122.32 mph), under seven seconds ahead of a Toro Rosso driven by Pierre Gasly. Red Bull outwits Mercedes in the tire war over the closing miles and Max Verstappen of Red Bull seizes his opportunity after the final restart at Lap 60. Verstappen deftly pulls alongside race leader Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes at Turn 1 before riding the outside rail at Turn 2 and squirming his way past Hamilton before sprinting away for a dramatic race victory. Late race tangles between Ferrari racers Sebastien Vettel and Charles Leclerc (Lap 66 of 71) and Hamilton and Alexander Albon of Red Bull on the final circuit creates a thrilling finish as Pierre Gasly of Toro Rosso narrowly holds off Hamilton (later demoted in the results) for P2. Photo Credit: Attribution Not Available.
DecemberAbu Dhabi2019 Abu DhabiSix-time crowned F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes leads wire-to-wire in the season finale at Abu Dhabi and easily caps off a tremendous season with his eleventh race victory. Photo Credit: